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Performance and Creation

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therapeutic practice

Cara is a MIECAT trained Arts Therapist based in Perth, Western Australia. She offers individual and group arts based inquiry, for people who yearn to inquire into themselves, their experiences, their values, and how they would prefer to be.

She has worked in theatre and film, specialising in devising shows and films with different groups in the community about things that are of interest them.

Cara has strong values around the intersubjective connection between people. She lives to dance in this space.

She runs a travelling festival experience called Baba Yaga's Dream Yurt, which offers the gift of shared creative moments to strangers in tents.

She has a strong interest in myth and archetype and the language of dreams. She is a member of the Jung Society of WA, and has undertaken many hours of analysis and professional development in this area.

Cara is currently completing a professional doctorate in therapeutic arts practice, researching into the therapeutic experience of creative practice.

education practice

Cara Phillips has worked as an educator since 1998. For most of that time she has been based in Perth, Australia, with a two year period working in China (Beijing and Chengdu).

Cara started as a Speech and Drama teacher, then branching out to teach acting, drama, and public speaking in a wide range of settings; from private schools (in both primary and secondary education), to Montessori schools, juvenile detention centres through the Department of Justice, through her own performing arts academy SCAPA, and also at Tsinghua Fuzhong, one of the two top schools in China. Cara has submitted students for Trinity, AMEB and English Speaking Board exams. Many of her students have won prizes at festivals and Eisteddfods.

Currently, Cara teaches Speech and Drama to students living overseas through her website

Cara is a co-creator of The 8 Keys to Naturalised English Speech, an online platform specifically focussing on pronunciation for speakers of English as an Additional Language.

Cara has served as a Speech and Drama adjudicator since 2000, for both the Perth Speech and Drama Festival, and for the W.A Eisteddfod since 2012. Cara is also a Speech and Drama examiner with the AMEB. (Peak Australian examinations board.)

Cara has also been involved in VET education, previously as the coordinator of the Diploma of Screen Acting at the Film & Television Institute of W.A, and also as a facilitator of the General Certificate of Adult Education II and III, with both Alta-1 and Mission Australia. Both of these last two institutions focus on providing education to at-risk learners, in this case being young women in a residential rehabilitation setting, and also young people experiencing homelessness.

Most recently, Cara has worked as a Tertiary Lecturer in Film and Cultural Studies at the SAE Institute. (2017 to the present).

Since having young children of her own, Cara has grown a passion to learn more about early childhood education, and particularly in using performance and the story to create learning experiences for children. She is currently working on combining her work in performance, therapeutic arts practice and education to create an educational show for young children; Here Be Dragons.


Cara is currently completing a Professional Doctorate at the MIECAT Institute, researching into the experience of creative practice.

This is heuristic research, and comes out of Cara's deep yearning to find freedom in her own creative practice. Cara hopes that by diving into the depths of her own unconscious, she may eventually find a way back up, and then share this way with other people.

A side product of this research will be a documentary of the process - yet to be titled.

Cara is also currently co-writing a paper with Alexander Hayes from Oethica Group Productions, about the creative evolution of Flame Collective, Cara's production company.

Cara believes that research into oneself is essential to move towards individuation, and hopes that by doing so herself she can demystify the process in some way for others.

life, philosophy and other such matters....

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